Month: March 2020

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things trend, also known as IoT, is becoming more widespread nowadays. IoT technology is a concept device that is capable of transferring data without the need to connect with humans, but rather the internet as its medium. Simply put, humans do not need to control the IoT objects / devices directly. But humans can control these objects remotely with their respective smartphones.

Terms of the device can be said that IoT is, the device is given a microcontroller chip that has been programmed. The device is connected to the user’s smartphone with the internet as the medium. So as long as the user’s device and smartphone are connected to the internet, then the user can control the device remotely.

At present there are many fields of work or household appliances, companies and even governments that make IoT technology.

The concept of IoT is actually quite simple with the way it works, referring to 3 main elements in the IoT architecture, namely: Physical Goods that are equipped with IoT modules, Internet Connection Devices such as Modems and Wireless Routers like in your home, and Cloud Data Center where to store applications and data base.

All use of goods connected to the internet will store data, the data is collected as ‘big data’ which can then be processed for analysis by governments, companies, and foreign countries to be utilized for their respective interests. This is where the important role of a country’s government in maintaining resilience in terms of information systems.

With the main objective principle of IoT as a means that makes it easy for supervision and control of physical goods, the IoT concept is very possible to be used in almost all daily activities, ranging from the use of individuals, offices, hospitals, tourism, industry, transportation, animal conservation , agriculture and animal husbandry, right down to the government.

In this goal, IoT has an important role in controlling electricity consumption, so that electricity consumption can be more economical according to needs ranging from personal consumption to industry. Of course, in addition to the savings goal, IoT can also be used as a means of business progress, with a monitoring system, business needs can be more measured.

IoT is also very useful in automating all devices connected to the internet where the configuration of the automation can be adjusted easily without having to come to the location of the device. Both for security reasons for areas that are impossible for humans to enter, as well as for reasons of coverage of the device to be controlled.