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Benefits of the Internet of Things for Life

Here are the benefits of IoT in several sectors:

Environmental monitoring

The use of IoT for the environment that is currently in Trend is Smartcity technology

• In the Online Flood Information application, in addition to relying on citizen reports, flood sensors that can measure water levels in real time are distributed throughout the city so that information can be informed to the Command Center quickly and then directly handled by the relevant Dinas.

• Earthquake and Tsunami Notification System. Some natural disasters in Indonesia have claimed so many lives. The number of fatalities can be reduced significantly if the Early Warning System is implemented correctly and on target. Sensors placed in natural disaster prone areas can provide information directly to residents around earthquake, landslide or tsunami prone locations in seconds.

• Smart Parking System. In this system, parking sensors are placed in public parking lots. The use of the Smart Parking system can help the city government monitor and control regional revenues from parking. The benefits can be felt directly by the community in the form of checking the status of available parking and an online parking booking or pay system.

• Forest Fire Systems can also be prevented by an integrated fire prevention system, with hotspot report data from satellites connected directly to the water spray system at the fire location so that it is more likely that fires can be extinguished faster.

• The Drinking Water Company system can also measure the level of water quality that will be distributed to customers so that it can further improve the quality of service and can measure the chemical needs of water purifiers.

Infrastructure Management

Like a train, this ‘IoT’ can be used to detect the condition of a train line whether or not it is safe to cross, so that it can automatically open and close the doorstop without having to worry about the train guard asleep.

Likewise for road traffic, a traffic jam diversion system is possible. This means that if a road is jammed, then road users aiming at the jammed road can be switched automatically with an automatic sign system, for example if the arterial road is jammed while the toll road in the city is empty then one lane on the toll road can be used automatically free for public road riders.

For ports, IoT can be used to manifest thousands of items in one ship or container, so manifest data can be more quickly available. And it is very possible for a port monitoring system that is useful both for port operators and for users.

Sensor Equipment

Most of the equipment consumption costs in mining are measured based on capacity and experience alone, with mining companies the IoT can measure which equipment is going to run out of fuel, how much is the stock of fuel on site, which equipment should be replaced, etc. so that it can be measured quick and precise. This is very possible because the IoT module can provide information directly from machinery or equipment in the mine. Thus for shipping, in industrial plants and also of course in modern office IT infrastructure. Of course, the ‘IoT’ technology is very useful in overseeing the equipment used for company operations so that the needs of these devices can be more measurable and optimal.


Now medical equipment can be more connected to the internet so that it is easier to supervise, doctors specifically can monitor a patient’s condition without having to make a visit to the patient’s room. So that the cost of doctor visits to patients can be reduced, imagine if you are treated in a hospital and every day a doctor visits are only given a smile or put his hand on your forehead then you have to pay Rp. 200,000 for each of these ‘medical procedures’, of course this is no longer needed if the hospital is required to conduct a centralized patient surveillance system, just enough patient data that can lead to critical which in real time can continue to be monitored by doctors even when they play golf so that the moral responsibilities of doctors can also be increased.

Building and Housing Automation

Internet of Things that penetrates the home electoric users can make it easy for people to various things. For example for the most wasteful of electricity such as split AC, if you forget to turn it off then electricity costs continue to run like a waterfall … with a home management application you can turn off the AC and lights in your home or turn it back on before you get home.

Office buildings can further optimize all existing facilities, both for electricity savings and for integrated building control. For example, a building with multitenant can further enhance its security with a fingerprint system for guests, guests for certain offices are required to provide their fingerprints to the data invitation application to the office, so that when the office guest arrives then simply paste the fingerprint then starting from the building’s gate until which elevator will be used is specifically available.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things trend, also known as IoT, is becoming more widespread nowadays. IoT technology is a concept device that is capable of transferring data without the need to connect with humans, but rather the internet as its medium. Simply put, humans do not need to control the IoT objects / devices directly. But humans can control these objects remotely with their respective smartphones.

Terms of the device can be said that IoT is, the device is given a microcontroller chip that has been programmed. The device is connected to the user’s smartphone with the internet as the medium. So as long as the user’s device and smartphone are connected to the internet, then the user can control the device remotely.

At present there are many fields of work or household appliances, companies and even governments that make IoT technology.

The concept of IoT is actually quite simple with the way it works, referring to 3 main elements in the IoT architecture, namely: Physical Goods that are equipped with IoT modules, Internet Connection Devices such as Modems and Wireless Routers like in your home, and Cloud Data Center where to store applications and data base.

All use of goods connected to the internet will store data, the data is collected as ‘big data’ which can then be processed for analysis by governments, companies, and foreign countries to be utilized for their respective interests. This is where the important role of a country’s government in maintaining resilience in terms of information systems.

With the main objective principle of IoT as a means that makes it easy for supervision and control of physical goods, the IoT concept is very possible to be used in almost all daily activities, ranging from the use of individuals, offices, hospitals, tourism, industry, transportation, animal conservation , agriculture and animal husbandry, right down to the government.

In this goal, IoT has an important role in controlling electricity consumption, so that electricity consumption can be more economical according to needs ranging from personal consumption to industry. Of course, in addition to the savings goal, IoT can also be used as a means of business progress, with a monitoring system, business needs can be more measured.

IoT is also very useful in automating all devices connected to the internet where the configuration of the automation can be adjusted easily without having to come to the location of the device. Both for security reasons for areas that are impossible for humans to enter, as well as for reasons of coverage of the device to be controlled.